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7,49 EUR*
Details DeLonghi-5513214241-Activated-Carbon-Filter-1-Pack-by-DeLonghi

Wasserfilter De'Longhi 5513214241 Aktivkohlefilter für BCO 410 und 420 Kaffeeautomaten Artikelbeschreibung Original-Teil Original-Ersatzteil Qualität - Erstausrüster Qualität Wasserfilter für Kaffeeautomat De'Longhi 5513214241 Aktivkohlefilter für BCO ...

12,72 EUR*
Details Eheim-2513101-Aktiv-Spezial-Aktivkohle-mit-Netzbeutel-1-L

Eheim Ehfiaktiv Activated Carbon This product offers the highest adsorption. It is alkali activated, acid-washed, pH neutral, heavy metal free and formed in a special compression mold to perform a rapid, highly effective adsorption of harmful ...

15,45 EUR*
Details Dafi-Aktivkohlewasserfilterkartusche

Dafi Produkt: Produkttyp: Activated Carbon Filterkartusche Lifetime: max. 6 months (depending on the water quality and the type of pollution) Height:9 3/4" Efficiency:up to 7 l/min Beschreibung contains highly active granular carbon from coconut ...

2,29 EUR*
Details Blue-Vesse-Haushalt-Home-Coconut-Aktivkohlefilter-Patrone-Wasserhahn-Leitungswasser-sauber-Luftreiniger

Description: Blue Vesse Haushalt Home Coconut Aktivkohlefilter Patrone Wasserhahn Leitungswasser sauber Luftreiniger Size:Cartridge Height-6cm(2.36"),Diameter-4cm(1.57") Material: polypropylene,Activated carbon, coconut shell, PP filter Filter ...

32,37 EUR*
Details High-grade-super-exchange-cartridge-for-CSP-series-CLEANSUI-Rayon-HGC9S-material-removal-Japan-Import-by-Mitsubishi-Rayon-CLEANSUI

Size: width 55 ?depth 55 ?height 90mm Weight: 125g, Material Material: ABS resin, Filtration flow rate: 1.6L / min, Types of filter media: hollow fiber membrane (polyethylene), activated carbon, ceramic, Made in Japan